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Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by OldWhitby, May 5, 2021.

  1. OldWhitby

    OldWhitby Anything Old

    1) Bread and butter plate 6" diam.
    2) Bowl 4.75" diam, 1.75" diam.
    3) Shallow Pink Heisey Bowl w handles, 7.25" across the handles, 1.5" high

    Image236.jpg Image238.jpg Image217.jpg Image220.jpg Image221.jpg Image224.jpg Image225.jpg
  2. Cherryhill

    Cherryhill Well-Known Member

    Heisey patented those handles, if you find them, (exactly) it's a Heisey product.

    The pattern is No. 1231, named by collectors Ribbed Octagon. Introduced in 1925, the pink color was called Flamingo. Your piece isn't illustrated in the book I have so I can't tell you it's intended purpose.
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  3. laura9797

    laura9797 Well-Known Member

    Small dish looks like anchor hocking waterford/waffle pattern
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  4. laura9797

    laura9797 Well-Known Member

    the bowl is a drape pattern. Fostoria had a heavy drape pattern I believe but there was also an optic loop or something similar.
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  5. OldWhitby

    OldWhitby Anything Old

    That's it. Thanks.
    It does appear to be a drape pattern but doesn't match either of those.
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