Heavy Glass bowls w leather/hammered look surface

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    Does anyone recognize this bowl. It is 5.25" in diameter, a bit over 4" high and thick - weighs more than 2 lbs. It has a pebbled surface and has very fine ribbing around the top. The surface appears to be molded but no side seams - the only seams seem to be the small circle on the bottom and the line just below the rim. The glass has a very slightly bluish tinge and there are a fair number of bubbles. I have 3 of these. Image070.jpg Image072.jpg Image073.jpg Image074.jpg
    What would a heavy bowl like this be for? it isn't particularly decorative and too heavy for most practical uses.

    The same lot included a smaller pedestal bowl with the same surface. It is 3.75" tall and 4.25" in diameter. That might help with ID. Image076.jpg
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    I've seen that ribbing on glass match strikers.
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    The pieces are reminiscent of Sarpaneva's forms but the surface decoration on the main parts of the bodies is a small version of the Muranoese "battuto" - but you say that pattern is molded, not cut like battuto work ...because of the odd bubble etc, I'm not convinced the bowls are Scandinavian and due to the molded techniques, not Murano either ...back to square 1!!
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