Hello, Guan Yin Mirror Image Statues

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ashley428, Apr 27, 2021.

  1. ashley428

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    3B0C7F12-98F4-4D12-9ED9-CDC471ED18EC.jpeg D848CB7C-EDDE-4AA6-945B-F04A3E716528.jpeg C30B82E9-96C7-4385-9038-74B54007B63C.jpeg EF15F752-AD3B-47D4-A045-A13EA0FD437C.jpeg BA89828B-9404-47C5-BD9B-BC8BA9FC9116.jpeg 6AC20BED-A5EF-48D8-89EA-61A3E3B7FA4E.jpeg Hello everyone, i’m ashley and i am an antique newbie. Can someone help me value these? Background: bought off facebook for 25 for both. They’re very tall and heavy. No marks on the bottoms. The lady i got them from knows nothing. Values on google are all over the map! How do i properly value these?
    There’s a long crack on the back of one and one of the detachable hands is broken. Otherwise immaculate.
  2. johnnycb09

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    Very pretty,but can we see the bottom? Knee jerk is newish but that could be 40-50 years ago newish.
  3. ashley428

    ashley428 New Member

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