Help Identify and Date__ Dog lock flintlock mechanism

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    Hi I am new to the form and thank the moderators for the join, Hears the story ,I found this part bout 10 years ago while tearing down and abandoned farm barn, it was inside a double wall and it looked like there was a work bench there at one time , I was wondering what year is this piece as the markings have rusted bad and I steel wooled it a bit but still cant see anything, maybe some experts on here could give me and idea it would be most appreciated,. After looking on the net for awhile , i found some looked like it but differences in some parts , im figuring it is British cause it looked pretty similar to a replica i was looking at , and it was a dog lock due to lock for hammer. Like i said i am no vintage gun expert i have the pics best i could do Thanks...for your time.

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