Help identifying Asian Water Color with English Signature

Discussion in 'Art' started by Studio Antiques, Dec 10, 2022.

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    We have this beautiful Asian water color painting of a fisherman which has an English Signature (possibly M. Winker or Winkler) and an artist chop in possibly Chinese or Japanese. (Could not get google to translate it).
    We are trying to figure out why there is an English signature and the chop, as well as what it says and from where.
    Any info is appreciate.
    8DF030E7-0A0E-481F-B9F7-EBC7390006E2.jpeg A07FB013-6664-40E9-9A0E-E731297EED7A.jpeg 27D3E38F-835B-41DD-8604-D7B9DFA0076D.jpeg 8E27A6CE-2FFF-4DEF-B794-D6C40CF98341.jpeg
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    that's strange..
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  3. 2manycats

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    Many western artists borrowed the idea of 'chops' ("seals" is the more formal term), so you see them in western art from time to time. I think this is M. Winkler's copy of an Asian painting, perhaps with his signature also in some Chinese form - it looks like the seal replicates the calligraphed name in black, with the upper character a version of the rightmost character in the seal, and the lower character matching the one on the left - the seals usually use a very old style of pictogram - but I'm no expert. A google image search of the whole painting might turn something up.
  4. Studio Antiques

    Studio Antiques Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the info! Tried a few angles/translators for the image search but nothing other then similar style comes up.
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