Featured Help Identifying Eagle Lock Co. Wood Suitcase w/ Hidden Drawer

Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by Rufus Shinra, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    yes..it would be padded....but the inside of this nice travel box is scuffed up, so something ( or things ) heavy with edges would have bounced around in it..!
  2. Mansons2005

    Mansons2005 Nasty by Nature, Curmudgeon by Choice

    That's what I was wondering - thanks for confirming. So, its for a relatively "large", sturdy something, probably metal (as it scuffs the interior) and has at least one additional part or accessory (as evidenced by the drawer). A something that was probably not actually portable (as in traveled with constantly), but meant to be stored until use..........I shall ponder the enigma, whilst musing on the mystery, as I consider the conundrum...............

    You do realize that I am now obsessed with this piece...........the only thing that shall prevent this from occupying my brain for the rest of my life is a grave...........or a better mystery (such as that streamlined bit that is STILL being tossed around)............Uds Lud, if only I could devote as much energy to ending world hunger or ensuring world peace, or banning the Kardashians from all seven continents...............you know, something USEFUL that would benefit ALL of mankind..................
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  3. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    (such as that streamlined bit that is STILL being tossed around).

    That aluminum thing is now the bane of my existence...
    it ranks as the number one item here we still have yet to understand !!
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  4. Mansons2005

    Mansons2005 Nasty by Nature, Curmudgeon by Choice

    and we will probably not understand it until Gork spaceships it down from Planet Zenon to look for it............it probably fell off his mothership on his last flyby in 1890.....................
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  5. ulilwitch

    ulilwitch Well-Known Member

    Not necessarily. I have only seen about 4 sextants and they were all different. Here is one I found on 1stdibs. (Brass Sextant in its Original Oak Wood Box) sextant.jpg
  6. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    ok so maybe not packing but the box has wood braces and fits exactly....

    the OP's does not.
  7. Rufus Shinra

    Rufus Shinra New Member

    Right, so probably not sextant, but some other device that perhaps would fit more neatly into the box? There are scuff marks on the inside, so something rattled around it at one point. Perhaps it will remain a mystery, or I need to find an expert in antique storage boxes :) I was just trying to find out a way to describe this box because I'm putting it on ebay, maybe someone who sees it will recognize it somehow. Or maybe it's some custom built piece that someone made long ago for their own unique purposes and just used an Eagle Lock Co. lock and latch...
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