Help identifying mahogany sideboard

Discussion in 'Furniture' started by Billy McCarthy, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Billy McCarthy

    Billy McCarthy New Member

    I fell in love with this piece and had to have it. Unfortunately, the previous owner had little info on it. I would like to date it and figure out where it came from. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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  2. wiscbirddog

    wiscbirddog Well-Known Member


    Next time please select 'full image'. I also brightened your photo so details show better. Am sure the furniture people will need more detailed pictures on the construction.
  3. silverthwait

    silverthwait Well-Known Member

    This is odd! This piece looks similar to one my grandparents had; theirs was, however, much larger (really!) and more restrained in design. Sort of.
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  4. KikoBlueEyes

    KikoBlueEyes Well-Known Member

    I can see why you love this, it has something to look at every time you walk into the room. Please take pictures of the drawer sides, the hardware including hinges, and any other details that you think will be helpful, so the furniture folks can help you. And as @wiscbirddog said select full image for all instead of the default thumbnail and try to get more light into your pictures.
  5. Ghopper1924

    Ghopper1924 Well-Known Member

    Look at all that beautiful burl!
  6. verybrad

    verybrad Well-Known Member

    First quarter of the nineteenth century or so. Elements of both Federal and Empire styles. Certainly American.
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  7. Billy McCarthy

    Billy McCarthy New Member

    Thanks for the insight Brad. What makes you think it’s from the first quarter of the nineteenth century? I’ve combed this thing over with a flashlight looks for a makers marks or stamp and can’t find anything. I’m from the DC metropolitan area and curious to know if it’s a local piece.
  8. James Conrad

    James Conrad Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm, am not so sure, is inclined to think a revival empire piece, no construction details are provided so hard to be sure.
    For one thing, the pulls are chippendale, the columns are way over carved to be period empire but it has the paw/beast feet, no gilding or inlay anywhere.
    Guesses 2nd half 19th century late classical piece, more photos might help clear all this up
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  9. James Conrad

    James Conrad Well-Known Member

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  10. verybrad

    verybrad Well-Known Member

    Agree that it could be later 19th century but were they doing this kind of thing as a revival? Would expect it to be more subdued if late classical. Also agree that the pulls are wrong. Assumed a replacement.
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  11. James Conrad

    James Conrad Well-Known Member

    Well, was going by Neals in New Orleans as they sell a lot of this era furniture, it could be earlier/period i guess but most of the pieces sold there with those heavily carved columns they termed " late classical mid 19th century" so i dunno.
    This style furniture isn't my strong point but more photos surely would help, back, drawers, a look inside cupboard doors.

    Agreed, chippendale pulls do not belong on this piece for sure, if i was OP I'd replace with correct Classical/Empire federal style pulls.
    Is there only the one drawer? What's the deal on 2 drawers on either end? i don't see any pulls at all there, are they drawers?
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  12. Ghopper1924

    Ghopper1924 Well-Known Member

    Thinking 1860s-70s on this.
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  13. James Conrad

    James Conrad Well-Known Member

    You could very well be correct, where did OP and our detail photos go?
    Thing is, if a Federal era piece (1790-1830) it would be entirely handmade, if built in 1840s and later, almost certainly machine made, except for the drawer boxes.
    A pretty big divide there but impossible to determine with the single photo provided.
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