Help identifying these wood masks

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  1. jason speicher

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    happy small.jpg I recently bought these two masks thinking they maybe korean masks, but i'd forgotten korean ones are more oval shape. Are these just someone's recently hand made items? I've not had much luck finding much info on them. My wife thinks their Hawaiian. These are roughly 15 inches x 11 inches so rather large, and wood thickness is about 1 inch

    pics below

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  2. jason speicher

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    just think these are some Comedy/Tragedy wood masks.
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    Hey Jason, many folks here won't click on outside links. If you resize your photos you should be able to get them to load. Some people have luck emailing them to themselves and choosing a smaller sized file and loading that one. I use a photo editing program and try to get the size below 1mb.

    There are various threads about loading photos here.
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  5. jason speicher

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    thanks guys i've adjusted the pictures and edited original post
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