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  1. This is a gift that I'd like to know more about. Thank you. IMG_1435.JPG IMG_1434.jpg
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    Lovely bit of English sprigged ware. That's a registry mark, so it was designed between 1845 and 1884. Have a look here - https://www.925-1000.com/registry.html - and you should be able to work out the registration date. I can't read it well enough in the photo.

    The maker is W Brownfield of Cobridge who were very good at this type of ware.

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  3. Many thanks. The year is 12 and the month 4 (thanks for your link!). It is my wish to find an organization to which I can donate this and two others. Again, I appreciate your help.
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  4. actually I think it is the other marking that you sent. October 1864 more likely
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    You're very welcome. What country are you in? Might have ideas on where you can donate it.
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