Help identifying unmarked China

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  1. StumptownJoe

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    I’ve inherited these lovely pieces, and I’d love to know more about them!
    413EAD1C-55BA-4E42-9F04-576CEF5CF6B5.jpeg 19A5BBBB-2E48-4BD0-AFF5-316A31A16867.jpeg 0BB52597-A6BE-49F7-ADF2-DD532950B8AE.jpeg 76579ED3-5900-4672-B223-B4328ED51EBB.jpeg 93548B86-7DD5-4670-8FED-C769DBF03A0F.jpeg 13FAEA24-C047-4AE8-B620-977CF6851D4A.jpeg
  2. clutteredcloset49

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    I believe the second one is German. The first one might be as well, but I'm not as sure about it.
    Both of them are sugar bowls.
    Time period would be early 1900s, pre WWI
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