Help on identifying this probably French artist from monogram please

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  1. Hi knowledgeable antiquers. I am trying to identify the artist of this framed porcelain plaque. I have several clues to help. Firstly, this is a large framed porcelain plaque of golden pheasants. I was told it was a copy of a 17th century painting but not found anything the same yet. The monogram is either GA or AG. The backboard was loose and revealed a number of French newspaper clippings inside dating from 1897 and from the area of Choisy-Le-Roi, Paris together with a receipt for some purple paint dated December 1897. The name on the envelope of the receipt is Mademoiselle Bouchereaux. I found that Choisy-Le-Roi was known for its porcelain. Can anyone shed any light? 20220811_200728.jpg 20220811_195504.jpg
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    Would you be kind enough to post a photograph of the back please? And photographs of the newspaper clippings, etc.

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    Marmaduke Cradock (b. 1660) has a robust amount of works involving pheasant paintings. May get lucky on finding the reference.

    This is a google search:
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  4. Hi, Debora, sorry for the delay in posting these photos. 20220813_130411.jpg 20220813_130246.jpg 20220813_130411.jpg 20220813_130246.jpg

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  5. Here are some photos of the receipts and newspaper clippings 20220813_125512.jpg 20220813_125437.jpg 20220813_130025.jpg 20220813_125019.jpg
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  6. Thank you for that link. I have looked through the photos and they appear to be from the same period. I'll look for references now. Thank you.
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