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Discussion in 'Ephemera and Photographs' started by Bookahtoo, May 26, 2019.

  1. Bookahtoo

    Bookahtoo Moderator Moderator

    Can you help me with dating these three chocolate boxes? All three are made of cardboard, and are fairly small - the two lithographed ones are about 3" by 6", the one with the photo of the children about 2 1/2" by 6 3/4".


    The one with the sunset scene and the pink ribbon was made for Kibbe Candy of Springfield, MA. They were in business from 1843 to 1933. Is it possible the picture is hand painted?

    smallDSCN0007.JPG smallDSCN0004.JPG


    My favorite has a light stamp on the bottom that I can't read, and paper lace on the inside edges of the box.


    I'll put the 3rd in the next post.
  2. Bookahtoo

    Bookahtoo Moderator Moderator

    I was hoping someone might be able to date the third by what the children are wearing. The photo is black and white with the apple blossoms tinted pink. It also has paper lace on the inside edge of the box.



  3. Bakersgma

    Bakersgma Well-Known Member

    Can't help, but wow! those are nice!
  4. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    The bodices fit the girls pretty well, but the skirts are much too long for them to actually wear. Suspect the dresses are photography studio props that make a sweet photo, hide shoes, evoke on earlier time.
  5. Debora

    Debora Well-Known Member

    Think it's the girls' hair styles that are most helpful for dating. Not sure when girl's started wearing shorter hair but I suspect early 1900s. That would work for dress bodices too.

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  6. Bookahtoo

    Bookahtoo Moderator Moderator

    Thanks Bakers!

    I was thinking the same thing Bronwen.

    Thanks Debora. I'll make it approximate. :)
  7. Debora

    Debora Well-Known Member

    Lovely boxes. Can see why someone would have saved them all this time.

  8. Aquitaine

    Aquitaine Is What It IS! But NEVER BORED!

    Those girls are adorable, but all the boxes are TERRIFIC!!!! Mom kept me in those "Banana Curls" in the late 40's & early 50's......probably until I revolted!!!!!!:hilarious::hilarious:
  9. Bookahtoo

    Bookahtoo Moderator Moderator

    Oh - my mother would do the banana curl thing on us once a year - on Easter. She used rags. The three of us were not impressed.
  10. Jivvy

    Jivvy the research is my favorite

    First, the boxes are fabulous (love the second one).

    Second, my hair is so crazy thick and curly and my mother so unskilled with things like hairdos, I had those stupid curls (only much tighter coils) until I was 11.

    At which point I got a "Shag Cut."

    Which I thought made me cool.

    Looking back, I was incorrect.:hilarious:
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  11. Bookahtoo

    Bookahtoo Moderator Moderator

    Any opinions on whether either of those scenes might be hand painted?

    I must say, I never had a shag, but at age six I did let my mother talk me into a Pixie, to my sister's disgust and my own shame.
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  12. Jivvy

    Jivvy the research is my favorite

    I think the first one is printed. The second looks like it might be hand colored?

    I'd say the pictures aren't clear enough to tell, but I'm not sure I could sort them from better pictures. Perhaps others could.
  13. bercrystal

    bercrystal Well-Known Member

    The only time I had a shag haircut when I was 20. I did it out of desperation to get over a very bad idea of a couple of years earlier. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    My hair was down to the middle of my back & my natural color is that mousy dull brown color. I decided one fateful day that I wanted to be more of a blonde. So I bought a box of Nice & Easy Ash Blond & took it home. I had to send a friend to the drug store to get another box in the middle of the whole procedure because 1 wasn't enough. :bag::bag::bag:

    Fast foward a couple of years & I was sick of messing with it every few months when the roots started showing bad. Not to mention I was really more of a strawberry blonde which wasn't what I wanted. A shag was the only way to let the color grow out & it not take forever. Not to mention how tacky I would have looked for months. :p:p

    So I went from the middle of my back to the longest length not even touching my shoulders in one single cutting. :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm: The DH, who I had only been married to for about 6 months, damn near had a cow when he came home that day. :oops::oops:
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  14. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    Never ever say you've had a shag if you're in the UK.
  15. Jivvy

    Jivvy the research is my favorite

    I was very careful in the wording of my initial comment. Very. Careful. :joyful:
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