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    I picked this up from a fellow down the road who had been cleaning up an old antique shop and all he could tell me about it was that he thought it was "old" - which I agree with. It is a wooden statue, measuring about 19" in height.

    I have since learned from another forum that it is Chinese and a statue of Guanyin from Buddism - probably about 100 years old. Can anyone tell me any more about it and whether you agree it is 100 years old or perhaps a bit older
    and whether it is of any value - other than I quite like it - and perhaps whether it is a religious artifact, or piece meant for tourists? I cannot find any identifying marks on it.

    The "paint" is very delicate - you can see it has flaked off in some areas. It would seem she was holding something in her hand fairly recently, as it appears to be a fresh break - unfortunately the seller could not find the broken piece. Thanks in advance!

    asian statue-1_2000px_1000px.jpg asian statue-2_2000px_1000px.jpg asian statue-3_2000px_1000px.jpg asian statue-4_2000px_1000px.jpg asian statue-5_2000px_1000px.jpg asian statue-6_2000px_2000px_1000px.jpg asian statue-7_2000px_2000px_1000px.jpg asian statue-8_2000px_2000px_1000px.jpg
    kyratango and i need help like this.
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