Help with bowl please.

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    205A5260-89A6-4438-8D41-C069080FD7F1.jpeg B682AE26-10C8-45AC-8E16-3D1D9DADF572.jpeg A9D3B3BB-6276-41D8-ACF5-72BF7C3DE53C.jpeg Bought this bowl today. I doubt it’s anything marvellous but couldn’t find a similar one online. Can anyone help identify??

    thank you!
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    Well Tasis seems to be an American school located in Switzerland, England, Puerto Rico and Portugal. That particular version of the crest seems to date no earlier than 1999. They created a new version in 2020. Doesn't identify the maker but at least a date range.


    "With the support of the TASIS Foundation Board, we worked with Weymouth Griffin Design, an American design firm, to find a way to weave the motto into the existing crest. Weymouth Griffin’s talented illustrators also redrew the four symbols on the crest—the tower (culture), the lamp (wisdom), the sun (truth), and the book (knowledge)—made minor adjustments to the typography, and modified the color layout while retaining the blue-and-red color scheme that defines the Canton of Ticino and inspired the original TASIS crest in 1956.

    Blue and red disappeared from the TASIS crest in 1960 and remained absent until 1999, which is the last time the crest was altered. Kate Gonzalez, Director of Alumni Affairs at the time, discussed the evolution of the crest in the introduction to that year’s TASIS Today, noting, “The red, blue, and white colors reflect our ties to the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, and the Canton Ticino, the original inspiration for our first seal in 1956.”
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    Changed my mind, I think it maybe the earlier version, 1973.
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