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Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by Heather Cantwell, Feb 23, 2024.

  1. Can someone identify this for me. I thought it might have been Francoma, McCoy or Teco, but the marks are not right. And I can't make the signature out. I can't even tell which way is up, lol. IMG_8117.jpeg IMG_8118.jpeg IMG_8119.jpeg IMG_8120.jpeg IMG_8123.jpeg IMG_8124.jpeg IMG_8114.jpeg I tried to photograph it the best I could. Any info is so appreciated. Thank you!
  2. verybrad

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    With that bottom, would have thought Haeger but that mark likely excludes them. The glaze looks like a North Carolina pottery rutile glaze but, the bottom and mark don't really fit. Only thing I can think of is maybe one of the California potteries, of which I am not very well versed. Might be a direction to look.
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  3. LauraGarnet02

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  4. cxgirl

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    maybe @Aquitaine can work her magic on the marks/signature:)
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  5. *crs*

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    Pretty sure not NC Pottery. Wished I could help :banghead:
  6. Aquitaine

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    I think this time, you peeps have got me stumped!!! It's a SO 'coarse' looking finish, that it was nearly impossible to accurately contrast or with the colors, to bring much up/out.....it does look like some sort of a possible signature on the LEFT of the BOTTOM image.....not that it's very readable either!! WHY do artists sign things when they won't make them legible!!!!:punch::rage::(


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