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    0-02-05-ccf82ce546fbaca3b543cab83c6a5567ee77d3f2260502889d0164d584c1a7dd_1c6dbd67b6a327.jpg 0-02-05-194c088accbc675b4045b9d2760e313519485cf2e556c1890efea16e315c9551_1c6dbd67b65a2d.jpg 0-02-05-44f8d07f3ce11cca01dd7d975f8ce1513fe4bc8fef073b4922619ed4e1f2a99f_1c6dbd67b64691.jpg 0-02-05-e11ac15e15542683c981b91b1e8590ba35a765ed7466ad7c2ac10678cd38450b_1c6dbd6414ed8d.jpg 0-02-05-32a12cfa259568caf3518e391e963d8295670b610d93bd1dd2a57efb11bb54d1_1c6dbd6414fc8e.jpg Hello,
    I have these two porcelain figure complexes which I find hard to identify and furthermore get an idea of their value. I know are old but not sure how old or where they come from. I read that crowned N is for Capodimonte but also for later German porcelains, correct?
    Regarding the other complex with the Young girl and cupid is very fine and elaborate work but I have never seen this mark...could it be an attempt to copy Meissen?
    Any info is much appreciated.

    Best regards,
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  3. moreotherstuff

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    The most likely mark I see in Rontgen is Ernst Bohne Sohne, Rudolstadt (1856-1920). "Group". is a better word to use than "complex" You have two very attractive porcelain groups. I'd guess 19th century.
  4. John Brassey

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    Yes Volkstedt. Very good quality.
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  5. Olvia

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    Thank you very much all for your enlightening replies. The one identified as Volkstedt is indeed brilliant work. As I can understand the white one is Rudolstadt of late 19th c but of lesser value.
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  6. John Brassey

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