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    DA35FB66-C80B-446F-BBE4-7CAE502BCD95.jpeg 8FC6D074-A1D2-4FBC-ABB8-091075F1F7AC.jpeg 4B81D0AD-55F3-428F-9452-49917DFF9717.jpeg EFB709C1-17EC-4825-9B79-165DF4E0B7DC.jpeg 4D48FD6E-E552-40B2-8A05-C220C4D15D9B.jpeg 1E9E505E-59E1-4C82-9714-10427A890E41.jpeg F65F608C-935B-4BF8-8D30-07669DA91630.jpeg I could use some help identifying the pattern on this small glass. I assume it is a juice glass.
  2. TallCakes

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    Imperial Glass #612 'Star and File'; introduced c1920s and made for many years
    bercrystal, Debora and i need help like this.
  3. Kittie

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    Wow, thank you so much. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Do you recommend any particular books or other resources?
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