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  1. Aurelie

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    Hello, I’m a furniture enthusiast who keeps buying pieces from local charity shops or via marketplace… I particularly like Edwardian and mid-century designs.
    I currently have a few items in need of TLC but I usually mostly struggle to decide what to do, as I want to keep the renovations in keeping with their age!

    Here is my latest acquisition, which has been badly painted in… pink! Hardware has also been replaced and doesn’t look great. Anyone knows what the use of such an item is? Or from which period it could be?

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  2. Marote

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    It looks a like a vintage record player cabinet (with a replaced lid?) 357517517_583400000660248_4276492780821559070_n.jpg a-47835697-vbmb9xwfgqickred.jpg
  3. Aurelie

    Aurelie New Member

    Thank you, that could well be! The boards inside are all plywood so I guess the original ones would have been removed. And the top seems to be a different wood - I think it might be oak, while the rest of the unit looks like mahogany. I wonder how old it is!
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  4. sabre123

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    Hi Aurelie :)
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  5. Bakersgma

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    Greetings, Aurelie. :)
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  6. Aurelie

    Aurelie New Member

    Hello! I love this forum, I wonder why I haven’t joined before!
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  7. komokwa

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