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    I live in Savannah, GA. My mother owns an old farm house and I am helping her study and document the house. We had an architectural historian study the place and he concluded that the the house was built in the second quarter of the 19th cen. We think in the 1830s. There are a few original T & C Clarke butt hinges and I'm looking for clues to the era the hinges were manufactured. I can only find examples from 1850 and later so I wanted to see if there were some folks who may know something about the stamps to help find a date range prior to 1850. I am attaching a file of the page with pictures of the hinges and the stamps.
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    Welcome Eva. in the article there is no e in Clark but in your post you have Clarke. T & C Clark did make hinges earlier than 1850. You can find some for sale at least that have the early date. Hinges would be something that would not have changed greatly over 50 years or 100 years for that matter. The design on them may indicate the year . I would not know but others might know. Yours look pretty plain other than the name. My house was build in 1851 and an addition in 1870 (written on the walls under the lathes.) The hinges have floral designs that might tell the time period.
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    Hi Eva :)

    Some people won't click/download PDFs. So I hop you don't mind that I've included the file as a PNG image here.
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    Greetings, Eva!
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    Welcome to Antiquers, Eva! :happy:
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    Eva, I used to enjoy working on antique homes!
    Have fun while researching and caring for her home :)
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    Darn. Thanks for picking up the error! I hope to edit my post if I can.
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    I don't mind at all. I really appreciate that. Thank you! It's much more accessible. Connecting a date to the two different stamps is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. One is script and the other block letters so I hope someone may have examples that can be connect to construction dates of old house.
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    CORRECTION: T & C Clark
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