Hi my name is Zach...looking for help!:-)

Discussion in 'Furniture' started by ZSD75, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. ZSD75

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    Looking for info on these pieces! IMG_20190806_213100.jpg IMG_20190806_213100.jpg IMG_20190806_213238.jpg age? Maker? Will post more pics if needed and will post more of table as soon as my battery charges enough to have the flash work lol

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    Hello and welcome.
    I'm going to ask a mod to move your post to Furniture. May take an hour or so.
    Be sure to check back tomorrow, as we have people looking at the boards at all hours of the day.

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    Welcome, Zach!
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  5. ZSD75

    ZSD75 New Member

    Oh my...did I just try to reply and it added it to the end of your message??
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  6. ZSD75

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    Thank you
  7. Any Jewelry

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    Welcome to the forum, Zach.
    Yes you did.:) Doesn't matter, you'll get the hang of it.
  8. silverthwait

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  10. verybrad

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    Pics are dark but looks like 20s dining room pieces. Draw-leaf table makes me think English in origin. Where is this located?
  11. ZSD75

    ZSD75 New Member

    I bought it in crown point Indiana. The seller toal us it was her grandparents ( I would guess her age to be around 45) She said they bought it in Florida. I'll post much better pictures tonight
  12. ZSD75

    ZSD75 New Member

    Also I can spell... autocorrect is not being my friend. "told us..." Not "toal us"
    She also said it was a set...hutch, table and buffet. The buffet they were still using and didn't want to sell.
  13. clutteredcloset49

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    There is an edit button available for a few hours after you post and you can go back in and correct spelling. I have to do it all the time.
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  14. Figtree3

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    Welcome to Antiquers, @ZSD75 Zach--

    I know this thread is a week old but just wanted to mention that Crown Point is still a good place to go shopping for antiques and collectibles! I'm originally from Lake County, Indiana and still visit there a few times a year. Sounds like you bought this from a private seller, not in an antique mall or store, but still... it's a good town.
  15. ZSD75

    ZSD75 New Member

    Yes agreed...we love crown point!
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