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    I'm after some info on 4 ivory figures I've inherited. " x Rhino and 2 x Water buffalo ( I think) approx. 4.5cm by 4.5cm.

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    Welcome to the forums! You may want to post these in the appropriate sub forum to get more views and replies.
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    Welcome, and may I say that your water buffalo look most congenial.
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    WELCOME TIPTOE !!! ... Joy. :)
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    Looks like Davey helped out a bit & moved it into the antiques section.

    Try editing the title by clicking on the "thread tools" option at the top. You will get more views & information if you put a brief desciption of the item in the title. ;):D

    Welcome to the forum Tiptoe!!! :happy::happy::happy:
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    Thank you all for your kind welcome.
    All I get under thread tools is "ignore thread" I'm afraid.
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