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    My name is Jeanette and I’m here to see if someone can help solve the mystery of a painting that was my great grandfather’s. It’s oil on wood panel with a wax seal on the back. It hung in my ggd’s dining room in Brooklyn NY since I was a baby in the late 60’s, and my late mother had remembered it from her childhood as well. I was told he bought all his interesting furnishings from a man selling everything he owned. With that, the true history of the painting is lost. There is no signature but there is a wax seal on the back. I’m enclosing pics of both. Any info as to where I may be able to find out more or how I can research the seal would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Welcome to the Forum, Jeanette! :)

    You should post this in the Art Forum, also Check Full Size for Images. :)
    This is just for introducing yourself. Not a big deal, you will be more likely to get the right people looking at it in Art.
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    Thank you so much! I wasn’t sure so I posted the pics in there and figured someone would let me know if this was right or not, lol. Ok I’ll repost in the Art section. Very cool sight with lots of interesting pieces. So glad I found it!!
    Thanks again!
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