Featured Homer Laughlin Pitcher and Bowl - multipiece set. Need help to identify

Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by NathanL, Jun 28, 2022.

  1. NathanL

    NathanL New Member

    My wife picked this up at a yard sale (to add to her collection of 26 sets). It is her first more than a pitcher and bowl set. Originally we thought it was called a bridal set, but below, bluumz, sent a reply that made us change our thoughts.

    We did a Google image search on it, but can't find one to match. Can someone identify the pattern, maybe the year(s), or other info? pba.jpg pbb.jpg
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  2. bluumz

    bluumz Quite Busy

    Trying to educate myself...
    I have never heard these sets called "bridal" sets, I've always called them bath or chamber sets?
    Homer Laughlin made pitchers in a "bridal" shape but yours is not that shape.
    THIS RubyLane seller with a similar set explains the "bridal" shape (scroll down to the bottom of the page). The seller states:
    "Pictured on page 521 of "Homer Laughlin Decades of Dinnerware," the Bridal Shape is easily spotted not just from its high and ornate handles but the long bulbous bodies of the pitchers which made them unique from Laughlin's other more curvaceous and ornate bath or chamber sets."

    Seller's photo of their set in the "bridal" shape:

    Screenshot (75).png
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  3. NathanL

    NathanL New Member

    We are learning, too. She had heard of these multipiece sets being called a "bridal set" previously and thought it was the proper term.

    Last night, before we made the post, we had read that article that you had quoted above. Rather than thinking it was the shape, we (likely mistakenly) thought that it reinforced the idea of the type of set.

    We appreciate your bringing it up for us to read again. After searching for the terms "pitcher and bowl" with "bridal set," we came up empty handed. You seem to be correct in your eval and we changed the title and description to reflect that

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  4. janetpjohn

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    They were called toilet sets. This is the Wyoming shape, introduced 1905, available as late as 1913. You have a handled mug, brush jar, soap dish, ewer/pitcher and basin. The Cunningham book is not so good on patterns, sorry.
  5. NathanL

    NathanL New Member

    Do not apologize! That is fantastic information and we appreciate your sharing it with us. Somewhere near 110 years old is really spectacular.
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