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    Well... maybe not.

    In the mid-1950s, Quaker Oats held a cereal promotion in which a deed for a square inch of land near Dawson City in the Klondike (gold country!) was included in boxes of Puffed Rice and Puffed Wheat. A company, Klondike Big Inch Land Co. Inc., was formed holding just under 20 acres of land. Some 21,000,000 deeds were issued, each with its unique serial number.

    Unfortunately, the company didn't last much longer than the promotion, the deeds were never registered, and in 1965 the land was seized by the government for non-payment of less than $40 in taxes.

    Still... the deeds are out there and, at 5" by 7", each is 35X the size of the piece of land it represents.
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    I had six or seven deeds. I do not remember if I gave them away or sold them. Thanks for the memory!!!!!
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    So you can build up! I'm seeing a very slender small house. :happy:
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    If I remember right mine were from Shredded Wheat. I never had "puffed" cereals until later. Had a lot of shredded wheat. Poured scaling hot water on them and drained them off before the milk and sugar.
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