I DON'T OFTEN GET 1st DIBS, BUT this came in email today, for CAMEO peeps!

Discussion in 'Auctions' started by Aquitaine, May 27, 2022.

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  2. Bronwen

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    Here's one for @PepperAnna to apply her phenomenal research skills on. I don't recognized it right off. Almost looks as though he's giving her last rites.

    For me, from the brooches at the link above:


    I love when baroque pearls are used to make figural pieces.
  3. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    Think I've only bought anything on 1st Dibs once. Wrote to ask whether the bail on a cameo pin/pendant moved or was removable in any way. Reply was no, but they offered me a reduced price. Still a lot of money but decided to take it.

    Got an excited e-mail from my contact at the jeweller's saying that as she was packing it up she realized the bail could be unscrewed, although she was afraid to do it.

    When received, found that not only did the bail come off for wear as a brooch but the pin assembly screwed off for wear as a pendant. Was expecting this, as the photos clearly showed the C clasp was hinged to be flattened when worn as a pendant.

    What I didn't expect, because they never noticed & no photo showed it, was that the cameo is signed, by Filippo Vergé. Got a somewhat chagrined reply when I told them, asking how I took the photos of the name. Told them, 'with great difficulty.'

    It's a set. Pin/pendant of Iris bearing water from the River Styx for the gods to swear by and earrings with 2 of the Herculaneum dancers:

    Iris.jpg DancerEarrings.jpg IrisSig1.jpg IrisSig2.jpg
  4. wlwhittier

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    That is a stunning find...and a sweet story to go with. Thanks!!
  5. evelyb30

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    WHOA. I'm not a big cameo person, but ...whoa. The one Aqui posted is nicely done, but the subject matter is a bit weird. Possibly some saint or other?
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  6. Bronwen

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    Suppose it could be a saint, although I don't see any of the usual indicators. No doubt somewhere there is a painting with this scene. If she's not dying, is she about to give birth? Trying to characterize it in words well enough to do a little searching.
  7. evelyb30

    evelyb30 Well-Known Member

    Something of the same. If you can't tell which, I don't think it says much for the carver. :p
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  8. PepperAnna

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    My guess on the 1st Dibs cameo is St. Peter raising Tabitha from the dead. He is holding a cross and the togas make me think early church. I looked on 1st Dibs at the cameo. The lady's eyes are closed. Makes me think she is dead. I am looking for a painting or engraving to corroborate my theory. Thanks for bringing me into this conversation. I find this extremely interesting.
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  9. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    Did not know that story - Paul annoys me, so am less familiar with his writings. Cameo guy is very young, against conventional depictions of Peter. Agree that clothing & column behind indicate set in time of early church, probably Rome or other city.
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  10. PepperAnna

    PepperAnna Well-Known Member

    Yes, usually Peter is depicted with a beard. That's the only thing I could come up with. I looked for a painting or engraving but haven't found one yet. I may be on the wrong track.
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  11. Silverthorne

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    "Paul annoys me." Yah! Me too!
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  12. PepperAnna

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    Your Verge set is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful find. Everything you show from your collection is drool-worthy. Congrats!
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  13. evelyb30

    evelyb30 Well-Known Member

    That's one reason I didn't think of it. Pete wasn't a young guy by that point, and Tabitha wouldn't have been wearing those fancy clothes. As for Paul, annoying us was part of his job.(LOL)
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