I simply cannot make out the blue mark on this bisque girl

Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by gauntlettgems, Mar 10, 2023.

  1. gauntlettgems

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    F60C4E99-B47C-4312-9BE3-08816F0DD30F.jpeg 8CE2170F-D8B8-402A-82EE-625B2019685F.jpeg 9A2E6122-61B9-47DC-B4AA-0FE58698B197.jpeg F71097A5-B2B1-48CE-9567-926E893A6902.jpeg 0C5E56FB-6155-4415-ABED-0F768455D4DA.jpeg 01D0A93D-0160-4F22-9219-82903B141B85.jpeg CB63FB78-BBD3-4D0B-96F7-1BF2B3280AB0.jpeg 4E973EFA-76E6-4E01-96E7-F85CCCDC60E0.jpeg 53092A0B-18C0-47DE-AE19-86E8B6239BDB.jpeg EDF7DCA3-8E05-43B1-8EB7-1812F1583CD6.jpeg
    Just when I think I see what the blue mark could be, it blends into nothing. Hoping someone recognizes what the mark is. Her face kinda looks German but I know the Japanese were pretty good at copying.
    What are your thoughts on age, origin, etc?
    Thank you for any help you can provide.
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  2. Roaring20s

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  3. gauntlettgems

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  4. Aquitaine

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    Sort of looks like a strange "B" to me..........
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  5. gauntlettgems

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    I thought R but…
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  6. komokwa

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    88 to me...
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  8. gauntlettgems

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    Hmm! Think you are on to something. Ty!!
  9. Rec

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    if you the netly figurine with that careless mark at the bottom compare, then I think the mark does not belong there. maybe added later. is the mark above the glaze or below the glaze?
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