ID, date, origin of Black Hand Painted Ceramic Planter

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  1. OldWhitby

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    I acquired this several years ago as part of a job lot. I've never been able to find anything similar but I'm thinking it is art nouveau. It has a large round mark impressed on the bottom. I can see that there is a name, etc in a circle but haven't been able to decipher any of it. The number in the middle appears to be "354"
    It is 8.5" long, 3.25" wide and 3.25" deep.

    Image139.jpg Image140.jpg Image141.jpg Image142.jpg Image143.jpg Image144.jpg Image145.jpg IMG_20230630_124728403.jpg Image147.jpg
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  2. Debora

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    No expert but... To me it looks 1950s when toleware (which it appears to mimic) was popular.


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  3. pearlsnblume

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    Ransburg was on tin with this sort of decorative touch. But that is all I have to offer.
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