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    Was wondering if someone might be able to help me identify these vases. My parents picked them up in the early 50's in Hong Kong. They appear to have "Roosters" and "Flowers" on them. They are not identical, e.g., exact replicas. Also, there are no markings on them anywhere. Any help would be most appreciated.


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    Hi @Jim99, and WELCOME!! :):) I am not one who can identify marks, but if there are marks there, I can sometimes bring faint ones that are hard to see and make them more visible....I've lightened your original images...easier to see, but on the BOTTOM set of images, LEFT VASE, I lightened & appears there ARE very FAINT marks....if you look carefully I think you should see a 5 pointed star and what looks like it might be a Chinese or Japanese symbol....wait for others to help more......



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