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  1. SUPERJUNK1970

    SUPERJUNK1970 Active Member

    I found in a shoe box at local ESTATE SALE about 10 years ago. I recently found it in garage. I IMAGE Google but it does not come up.
    I think it's a steif but has no button. One year stands up.
    It MEASURES 10.5 inches standing up. All limbs rotate INCLUDING head. However the legs only turn about 3 times before getting tight.. the mouth is slightly dented IN LIKE it had something BEFORE., I dont know how to tell if its white or blonde.
    The arms and legs appear to be longer for its body size..
    Please help identify. IMG_20230921_182556_(600_x_600_pixel).jpg IMG_20230921_182556_(600_x_600_pixel).jpg IMG_20230921_183110_(600_x_600_pixel).jpg IMG_20230921_182837_(600_x_600_pixel).jpg IMG_20230921_183214_(600_x_600_pixel).jpg IMG_20230921_183024_(600_x_600_pixel).jpg IMG_20230921_183024_(600_x_600_pixel).jpg IMG_20230921_183343_(600_x_600_pixel).jpg IMG_20230921_183650_(600_x_600_pixel).jpg
  2. silverbell

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    White, and that fellow was presented on the English version of the Antiques Road Show last night! I don't know when it was actually filmed, as my telly has a channel which runs the show 24/7. :) :)
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  3. judy

    judy Well-Known Member

    Could be home sewer.

    Is the nose made of yarn?

    Pads look new(er)..........

    Photo does not show close up.......so can't tell how applied to body.
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  4. SUPERJUNK1970

    SUPERJUNK1970 Active Member

    IMG_20230922_132953_(600_x_600_pixel).jpg the mouth IS SEE on IMG_20230921_183214_(600_x_600_pixel).jpg
  5. SUPERJUNK1970

    SUPERJUNK1970 Active Member

  6. judy

    judy Well-Known Member

    Could be wool pads. The stitching looks hand sewn.

    He's a nice bear.

    The arms might look long to you, but view Steiff bears.............Your local library would probably have a book or two with good photos.
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  7. judy

    judy Well-Known Member

    The nose is not a plastic parts nose, but made of yarn?
  8. judy

    judy Well-Known Member

    When the arms and legs move, they are referred to as jointed.
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