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Discussion in 'Furniture' started by Brvce, Sep 2, 2016.

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    Does anyone know what year and is it original ? What is impressions stand for along with Thomasville ? This wing chair is in great shape and clean , what's the value ? From what I read somewhere in an article that Thomasville furniture only produce one of a kind , is that correct ? Under the cushion and the label reads Impressions by Thomasville . It will be helpful if anyone can able to answer my questions , thanks .
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  2. Ladybranch

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    Welcome to the forums, Brvce! Is your name really spelled Brvce or is that the name you are using as a forum nickname?

    More pics of the chair other then just looking down on the top of it would help in answering your question. We don't have a good straight-on side or front view of the chair.

    Impressions seems to be one of the Thomasville collections.

    Again more pics are needed. Location does effect value.

    No. Thomasville has catalogs where one can buy 1 or a dozen of the same chairs, beds, couches, etc...

    --- Susan
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    Thomasville is reasonable quality mass produced furniture. It really is not collected. Some might pay a slight premium for it over some other brands but many others would not. This is used furniture. The value is based on what someone would pay to have this and use it in their home. The age doesn't matter much. What matters is condition, condition, condition, and how pleasing people think the fabric is. You can compare what other used chairs of similar type are going for in your area to get an idea of value. Here in my semi-rural Midwest neck of the woods and assuming very good condition, this would probably sell for under $30.00 at auction and under $100.00 at retail. You might do better in large cities or other locations with a different market than mine.
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    Sweet I could get 5 for that price ! Only if I can find more , sadly Thomasville is retired . Thanks for the info Brad .
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    Thanks Ladybranch , I'm using my name as for a nickname forum becuase my real name Bruce isn't available to register , so I use the letter v as in old English that makes it unique . The reason I put one pictures was because it seems this forum only always me to one upload ? But I can try again for more pics .
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    Hi Brvce,
    Good luck with your chair. I found two Impressions chairs very similar to yours in the trash. They were well made and cost me 1200 dollars to have them recovered. I had them recovered since Thomasville always made decent furniture. I would not have them recovered if they were second rate. This was back in 1990. They are as strong as they were then. The only two other pieces of Thomasville I have are a sofa and a bedroom piece which I crackle glazed at the same time. It was from the 1970s.
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