Identifying early 20th c. crystal ware

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    Hi all! We’ve got a small selection of crystal glasses, once again from my great grandmother, that I plan on rehoming. I am thinking that she acquired these around 1923, when she was able to remodel her little bungalow in Los Angeles, and thereafter happily host luncheons, dinner parties and gatherings of relatives. My brother already has the wine glasses, so we have two other types of glasses and what look like champagne glasses with no adornment. Is there a visual encyclopedia online that would be helpful for crystal ware? Judging from my great grandmother’s china (mostly well-known English designs) her crystal ware was probably also from a well known maker. Here’s two photos - they seem to show sideways and I’m not sure how to rotate them :(. Thank you in advance, everyone! Fran

    4003F4B4-4311-483D-8030-2409CDBA6C71.jpeg C6C6BA9E-58B5-4C0C-9DEC-57A9D43ECF16.jpeg
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    They may be Webb, check that out maybe?
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    If you have the time ( and patience ), I have always had decent luck on the site. I have seen this pattern before, but can't recall where.
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