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    Hello. I got a pocket watch that is not in very good condition as the glass cover and the small watch hand is missing. It is in working condition. I opened it and I can see the following: Adjusted 3 positions, Illinois watch co. Springfield, 21 jewels, 4417515, 14kt gold filled, 6050132. Has this any value? Is it possible to be repaired? Looks lovely. Thank you. 122114705_746106582644687_1478660252555847729_n.jpg 122120340_399217508154650_7016968543830750289_n.jpg 122087493_344672553305132_4691609139342461010_n.jpg 122153336_346764759997392_8675053996260014085_n.jpg 122114705_746106582644687_1478660252555847729_n.jpg
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    nice watch but the repair could cost more than it's worth..................
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