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    IMG_0817.jpg IMG_0816.jpg imari 1.jpg

    I’m not at all sure about this plate. It is the final item wrapped up in a box of Asian pieces I have been unpacking, some of which I have posted on this forum where I have received excellent and helpful feedback. No one in the family remembers ever seeing this plate so where it came from is a mystery. It can’t be too modern given when the box was packed but it doesn’t look very old either. It just has an odd look to me. The mark has sent me batty looking through Gotheborg and a number of other sites. It looks odd as well. As always, appreciate any feedback. IMG_0817.jpg IMG_0816.jpg imari 1.jpg
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    It’s not very old. The mark appears to be printed as does the pattern so I would say late 20th century or earlier if the box was packed earlier
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    Thanks John. I always hate packing anything away again without some sort of identity; everything deserves a story and this plate was kept for a reason, maybe it was a gift. But this has certainly been a mystery which is why I left it to last. Modern shape and I can't place that mark anywhere. I swear it looks just like a paint by number piece as the painting is quite messy in places. Back it goes in the box but with some info this time for the next person.
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