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    A few years ago my former co worker was driving down a street and came across this wood rocker, I'm looking for any info on it, possible age, any info is appreciated. Thanks.

    Sorry image quality is bad i have to take a picture of a picture.

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  2. Rayo56

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    And it was "Garbage picked"? Or did it come out of the house and jump in his car like a poorly distreated pet? :)
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  3. Jeff Drum

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    Mid-19th century or so rocking chair made in New England referred to as a Boston Rocker. Yours has had original paint stripped and worn off, so condition poor and value low. Similar described in more detail in this thread:
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  4. verybrad

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    Lots of more modern reproductions of these, so hard to say 19th century from just these inadequate pics.
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  5. Jeff Drum

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    Sorry, have to disagree. Did you notice the shape of the seat? That wasn’t done on any later reproduction I’ve ever seen - too much material and too expensive.
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