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    I got this table lamp after my parents died 6 years ago. The lamp belonged to my grandmother (1908-1992). Planning to sell cause none of my children is interested in having it :( I don't know if its is actually working cause the plug is an old one and we only have the new type of sockets.
    I would like to know how old the lamp is and how much is it worth.
    I finally found out it is probably made by IG DEP Germany.
    Thank U for Ur help
    PS. This is my first post here =D and greetings from Finland

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    Doubt it has too much value. I was only able to find one other example of your lamp and it was sold so could not get the value from the listing. You can search courting couple lamps on ebay to get a general value. Most are under $50.00 US. The exceptions are those by fine porcelain companies. Yours does not qualify as such.
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    When searching eBay make sure to look at completed listings. What someone is asking for an item is often unrealistic as to value.
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