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  1. Garydh

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    First let me apologize for not having the measurements because I’m sitting at work, I am looking for information on this large serving dish I’ve seen other photographs of one similar but not exact so any information would be greatly appreciate it thank you for your time and understanding… Gary 11A19D16-30E5-40BD-A49F-84F997674625.jpeg BA21CFE5-0E3B-4EAB-ACB6-130ACB6FA085.jpeg
  2. Ce BCA

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    Japanese, with prunus blossom, birds and chrysanthemum. Second half of the 19th century, likely between 1850 and 1890, Edo or Meiji. Most likely from the Arita region.
  3. Garydh

    Garydh Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much I knew I could count on you guys
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  4. Garydh

    Garydh Well-Known Member

    I found it at my favorite thrift store for six dollars they just don’t know the stuff they get there
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