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Discussion in 'Tools' started by springfld.arsenal, Jan 9, 2022.

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    Saw these on Eboo, screensaved some pictures.
    1. Mr. Casey’s sine bar cheater. I determined it was made for use with a 5” sine bar, because the 30 degree side is 2.5 in. Long. One pic shows a commercial version “Oakland.” No idea who Casey was, but I’m pretty sure his gauge predates the Oakland patent. No idea if Casey invented this or just copied someone else’s design. I did buy this one, but mostly I just look.

    2. I’m not sure there are enough holes in this angle plate : c ). I’d be interested but it has an ugly weld repair and I have no confidence in the squareness of it now.


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    3. Here’s a vee-block with a very unusual stirrup. I’m pretty sure no stock secured in that block will come loose. Most vee-block stirrups I see look like riding stirrups; this one looks like a bit of overkill. John Morris has shared 3 photos with you!


    John Morris has shared 3 photos with you!

    4. I’m trying to determine what firm used the logo shown on this, Whatzit, gear caliper? I bought this too because I’ve always wanted a gear tooth caliper, so I hope it really is one. John Morris has shared 3 photos with you!

    5. Tips to those new to EBay buying: If you really want some particular item, you pretty much must set up a snipe bid to get it. I use the “Auctionsniper” service. My bid goes in automatically 3 sec. before auction close. Since EBay online bidding only “takes” enough of your maximum to win, you can put in a very high number and not worry, it’ll just beat everybody who was inexperienced enough to put in low bids. Also, if the seller invites offers, always make a lower offer than his price, about 1/2 my offers are accepted or at least get a money-saving counteroffer. If the seller does not have “make offer” on his item, I make one anyway via the “contact seller” link. Some of these are accepted, some get counteroffer, and maybe 1/2 are ignored by seller. Always look at the shipping cost quoted in the auction. Saw a nice sizeable angle plate I wanted but shipping quoted was $149., more than the item cost. Passed on that one.
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    A clarification for new bidders - on the not worry part:
    That assumes nobody else does the same thing.
    Yes, if you put a $5000 bid on an item worth $50, you are likely going to win, and won't pay more than $50 if the next-highest bid is $40.
    But if somebody else decides to put in a "very high" bid at $4900, you could end up paying around $5000 for that $50 item.
    Experienced bidders know this, and won't put in an outrageously high bid of course.
    But my own policy is to be aware of this possible pitfall; and even if I really really wanted that $50 item, my own "very high" bid would probably only be around $100, not $5000. Via some snipe service, of course. And would probably win at around $60, so I wouldn't pay the full $100.
    Good advice on the "offers" by the way.
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  3. springfld.arsenal

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    Yup. Yesterday a sort of expensive item popped up that I hadn’t planned nor budgeted for. After trying an offer on the seller, which they politely rejected, I paid their Buyitnow price. I wanted 3 much less expensive things that were all in auctions closing that day. I had to pare down my max bid on each somewhat just to make sure I didn’t go broke if the bidding went near my max. Lost all 3! But I’m only crying about one, a one-of-a-kind lathe tool I’ll never see again. (Cited from: https://www.antiquers.com/threads/interesting-tools-seen-on-eboo.68067/)
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  4. Bookahtoo

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    Sorry you lost that Spring. :(
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  5. springfld.arsenal

    springfld.arsenal Store: http://www.springfieldarsenal.net/

    Here’s the one I missed and regretted, 3 3/8” wide at the box part. I asked my local machinists club to see if they could identify its function. I’ll share if they do. https://www.flickr.com/photos/189102681@N07/shares/2JhS16

    yeah I know what you’re thinking, “only Spring could love THAT!” : c )
  6. Bookahtoo

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    What do you think it does?
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  7. springfld.arsenal

    springfld.arsenal Store: http://www.springfieldarsenal.net/

    It may be an articulated patheticator.
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  8. Bookahtoo

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    And just what is that? I found nothing on Google sir.
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  9. springfld.arsenal

    springfld.arsenal Store: http://www.springfieldarsenal.net/

    (Nose gets longer). Well this represents such advanced technology Google hasn’t caught up yet!

    ‘Sry Books, I just don’t know so I made up a silly name.

    but the rectangular cross-section shank on it looks just like one you’d clamp into a lathe’s tool post. If that’s correct then the four “cutters” would put four equidistant grooves in some rotating object. Wild guess.
  10. Bookahtoo

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    You love it because of its possibilities.
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    I once dug one out of an old diverticulated ersatz three handled family grudunza bag ( made of genuine artificial simulated Naugahyde ...damn good thing we didn't hunt those Nauga's to extinction ! )
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