Is anyone familiar with Marbles? Didn't know where to put this.

Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by ulilwitch, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. ulilwitch

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    Because of my Adult ADD I was at an estate sale the other day and this marble caught my eye. Ohhhhhhh, so pretty and shiny. I decided to buy it for that reason. It was on a little copper stand. It was a dollar so I figured I could give it to my grandson if it was a goofy buy. marble1.png marble3.png marble3.png marble4.png marble5.png
  2. say_it_slowly

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    I don't personally know but here is a website I've used in the past when trying to figure out some I found.
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  3. Rayo56

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    Nice........... I would've bought the "stand" alone for 1$ :)
  4. Bookahtoo

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    I think it may be a modern shooter marble from Mexico.
  5. bluumz

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    Looks kinda big for a marble... but I don't know anything about marbles, LOL.

    My first thought was that it may be a single baoding ball?
    They are more common in stainless steel but glass/crystal ones are available. They're also available with or without chimes inside.
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