Featured Is tthis N for Napier or do you recognize it? TYIA

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by gauntlettgems, Aug 3, 2021.

  1. gauntlettgems

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    E83D914B-07EA-4D4D-96C0-3EF9FAD27A0B.jpeg 6B522F36-DBFF-4301-A4A7-56D492015F76.jpeg
    hi all,

    this is a nicer piece of costume but I cannot find the dangle anywhere. Anyone have a clue I can buy?
    Thank you so much for any help.
    Ta ta for now!
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  2. Debora

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  3. Tahmoor girl

    Tahmoor girl Active Member

    Until the late 1980s, every piece of Napier jewelry was stamped with the word NAPIER in block letters.
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  4. gauntlettgems

    gauntlettgems Well-Known Member

    I forgot about her website!! Ty. I need to save it to my computer. TYVM
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  5. wiscbirddog

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