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Discussion in 'Art' started by Grey Proctor, Apr 15, 2018.

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    Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any information on a painter named Jan De Coster. I was interested in a painting he did in 1882 and wanted to do some research before I buy (see attached, sorry for the quality it's the only pic I had). So far all I have found is a couple scattered references from past auctions, but no history or prices, etc.
    Seems to be a relatively obscure artist so I want to make sure I have an idea of a fair price going into this. I am just starting to dip my toe into art collecting and have started some art history courses to begin my education but if anyone has some good resources for art collecting websites they would be much appreciated! Thanks so much for your time everyone! -Grey

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    VERY Nice !!! .. Joy.
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    I'm not a subscriber here, so limited detail. All 3 auctions evidently the same painting & bell tower at dusk could describe this one too.
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    If that is the one it strikes me odd that they say the label on the back says Figures in a Winter Landscape signature illegible. I don't see figures in a winter landscape and the seller says it's signed Jan de Coster.

    "COSTER, Jan de, 1846-1920 (NL)
    Figures in a Winter Landscape, sig., ill.
    7,000 British pounds, $12,730"

    Anyway, I'm probably not looking in the right places but found a Jan de Coster who was the father of Adam de Coster (painter) but it was circa 1600.
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    Hello Bronwen, Debora, et all! Thanks for the replies! Yes, that is the painting in question. And I agree, it is odd the seller said there is a note describing it as "two figures in a winter landscape." I have not gotten a response back on that yet. I think the painter is "JULES DE COSTER" and not Jan, I have found a couple other paintings with that name which look like the same style, although not quite the same level of proficiency but, of course, I am new at all this. I do like this painting but I personally feel the price is a little high and I am curious if my instincts are correct. If it is Jules de Coster then the prices I am seeing are hovering around the $500 mark. Of course, I know it's worth whatever someone will pay for it, but typically what price range would an artist like this (obscure but talented) fall into? Thanks again for the replies! -Grey
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    like you said......I know it's worth whatever someone will pay for it.....

    finding a fair market value for a painter like this......depends solely on what his works have been selling for.....
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    I am finding auction prices mostly in the low to mid hundreds for Jules De Coster. There are a couple outliers from more than 10 years ago for larger paintings that sold in the $1500.00 range. The price this is offered at is probably a somewhat reasonable gallery price. A gallery will include a level of profit and you are paying for their expertise. I would imagine that prices are somewhat negotiable as well. You will do better to buy art from other sources. This is particularly true when the gallery in question does not seem to exhibit the expertise you would be willing to pay for.
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