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    This is another photo from the vintage “signed” icon section of my collection. It’s a hand-signed photo of iconic actress Jane Russell. I bought this for my collection two years ago, it was already PSA/DNA certified when I purchased it, I got it for a really, really good purchase price so I wasn’t going to argue too much about their placement of authentication sticker. I had it framed in this manner (and still is) at the time.

    B6D6E913-92BA-4980-852F-7231DC6B455F.jpeg 18F8971B-7654-4D8A-AA71-7031646C834C.jpeg
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    Nice, @Vintage Maven :)

    Jane Russell set such an weird, unconscious bar for me (and I assume lots of others)

    Reality: she was way before my time, and I was an artsy, Southern California beach rat with an A cup

    But, Howard Hughes (and the world, apparently) was so impressed by her anatomy, he built her a bra!

    I mean! I read her bio, she was a very cool customer :)

    Thanks for sharing
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    @scoutshouse Thank You very much! And thanks for the write-up, very interesting facts, Cheers, Maven❤️
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