Japanese Commemorative Plate. Are these collectible?

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    I bought this little plate or tray from a small estate sale here in Sacramento.
    it is 7" x 9"
    After google translate helped with the writing

    "Chairman of the National Association of mayors"
    "Mayor of Odawara"
    "Commemorative visit To China Chairman Ichiro Nakai"
    "November 1975"
    "Painting by artist Sansho Inoue "Peach Li beauty"
    I am pretty sure google misspelled the artist's name. it is
    Contemporary artist Sanko Inoue.
    I am wondering if the artwork Has more collectability than the commemorative part of this plate.
    I couldn't find any others so I must assume there weren't many made.
    100_1159.JPG 100_1160.JPG 100_1166.JPG 100_1170.JPG 100_1167.JPG
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    My thoughts on your question: The plate may only be collectible for the artwork. The occasion of presentation may have been related to a meeting similar to the one listed below.

    I found mention of a delegation of members of the Japan Association of City Mayors to China in 1984. Ichiro Nakai is listed as their chair at that time, and was the mayor of Odawara. So, a different year, but perhaps another delegation went there in 1975? I haven't found the dates that he was mayor. Another page mentioned him being mayor in 1981.

    This was in a notice translated here on page 16 of this pdf. Note it is in a report issued by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service of the U.S. : https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/tr/pdf/ADA337906.pdf

    Here's the text from that page.
    JAPANESE MAYORS DELEGATION—Beijing, 3 Nov (XINHUA)—Wang Zhen, honorary president of the China-Japan Friendship Association, met a delegation from the Japan Association of City Mayors led by its Chairman Ichiro Nakai here today. The delegation is here on a friendly visit to China at the invitation of the China-Japan Friendship Association. [Text] [Beijing XINHUA in English 0708 GMT 3 Nov 84]

    If this is the type of meeting it was, I don't think the plate would be collectible based on that... but may be for for the artwork.
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  3. 916Bulldogs123

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    I have to agree @Figtree3
    He seems to be a well respected artist, and nothing like this comes up in searching.
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