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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Figtree3, May 15, 2014.

  1. spirit-of-shiloh

    spirit-of-shiloh Well-Known Member

    Hello 19561945 aka nice to be among the gang again :joyful::kiss::hilarious::cyclops::angelic::cool:
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  2. gregsglass

    gregsglass Well-Known Member

    Geesh, I thought I posted here, I guess not. It was a little trying but I am managing to do better. God it is nice to see everyone here again.
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  3. clutteredcloset49

    clutteredcloset49 Well-Known Member

    Tauriel -
    Thank you
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  4. 42Skeezix

    42Skeezix Moderator Moderator

    God it is nice to see everyone here again.

    Isn't it?
    What I think is cool is seeing the folks that had already gone from the old board, Davey, Shi, Spring, et al.
  5. Tauriel

    Tauriel Active Member

    I'm so freakin' happy I'm absolutely GIDDY:p LOL LOL We need to keep contacting as many folks as possible! Anyone have an addy for mebop1? I know she quit the boards some time ago...
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  6. Figtree3

    Figtree3 What would you do if you weren't afraid?

    Well, I noticed I have 99 posts so have to make it an even 100. Pretty good for 17 days.... :shame:
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  7. 916Bulldogs123

    916Bulldogs123 Well-Known Member

    I just love this place. Thank you for inviting me here.

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  8. Rudy004

    Rudy004 New Member

    Greetings all. I have been here for a few days and have been trying to learn the navigational skills before I dive in. Been quite busy with the gardens and of course from our almost dearly departed dippy. Thanks Davey for the invite. Peter as well.
    This will be great as I am so close to saying something that will for sure get me banned for life over there>. I haven't sold on ebay for 8 years or so, I might just get a last minute dig in, however I want to see what a mess the future boards will look like.
    Thanks looking forward to some peace.
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  9. daveydempsey

    daveydempsey Moderator Moderator

    Welcome Rudy and anyone else I have missed, LOL
    I can`t keep up with the register its increasing by the hour.
  10. antidiem

    antidiem Well-Known Member

    Welcome Rudy! Great to see you here!

    I hope you'll continue to update us with your garden pictures here! :happy:
  11. Rudy004

    Rudy004 New Member

    Thanks anti and Davey. Just home for lunch. I don't get on (as Dippy says) the web in the daytime too often. When I work out the wrinkles in the new and if might say, Dippyproof site that has been offered here, I will indeed post more garden pics.
    Good to see you here as well as all the other familiar folks. A breath of fresh air it is.
    Special thanks to Davey and Peter for getting this up and running. The timing could not be much better..........cheers!
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  12. antidiem

    antidiem Well-Known Member

    Me neither Rudy, theneverendingyardwork calls to me! hee!
  13. Bev aka thelmasstuff

    Bev aka thelmasstuff Colored pencil artist extraordinaire ;)

    I have a "real" job - we own a locksmith shop - so I have to do actual WORK in between posting. If hubby comes in and catches me online he gets a little snooty about it. He forgets that in the hay-day of my selling I was bringing in about $1000 a month between online and yard sales. That financial cushion started drying up when Ebay began making changes. I swear buyers no longer could find things. Anyway, it's a relief to be here and I'm glad all of you have come over to the bright side.
  14. spirit-of-shiloh

    spirit-of-shiloh Well-Known Member

    I posted a link to this site over on Facebook on the "eBay Exiles" group. Af is here already. I am still learning how to navigate here. I LOVE it :)
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  15. spirit-of-shiloh

    spirit-of-shiloh Well-Known Member

    Hi birgittaw, I hope you heal real soon.:jimlad::kiss:
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