Just joined.. needing help identifying this old trunk

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kristi123, Aug 5, 2022.

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  2. komokwa

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    Hi and welcome!

    I don't know anything about your trunk but I do love trunks and currently have a humpback one.

    Are there any labels, partial labels or any names anywhere? I don't know if a pic of the interior would help with identifying it or not but usually the more photos the better:)
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  4. Bakersgma

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    Hello Kristi! Normally you need to post more than just a title and a picture to get the right attention and response for your item. Information like where and when you acquired, anything you were told by the previous owner, measurements, damage if any. And then more than a single photo - in this case the interior and its condition are important. And all of this belongs in a thread you start in one of the Forums - in this case Antique Discussion would be fine.

    This Introduction section is more about you than the item. Please tell us about yourself.
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  5. Aquitaine

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    Hi @Kristi123 and WELCOME to ANTIQUERS!!:happy::happy: The more pictures the merrier!! Each under 1 mb of course!! As @Bakersgma suggested 'Antique Discussion' is a Great place to start!! See you there!!!:):)
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  6. evelyb30

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    Welcome! For us to figure out the trunk we'll need to see the whole thing. If you're on a phone, email the pictures to yourself, size medium. Upload from there. Otherwise, resize so the board doesn't barf. Instructions are around somewhere unless you have preferred photo editing software.
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