Just sharing an interesting pen and ink stetch by Sir George Hayter that I won at auction!

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    Hello all, thought I would share for anyone who may be interested :). I won this little ink sketch at auction recently, 9.5"L x 8"W (including frame) by Sir George Hayter (1792-1871).

    The sketch is titled, "Madame la Vicomtesse Alfred de Vaudreuil, 1830". I couldn't find a huge amount on the sitter but I found this paragraph: "The sitter, Victoire Pauline Riquet de Caraman, was an aristocrat who improved her status by marrying the Vicomte de Vaudreuil. Her husband was an aide-de-camp in the American Revolution. Unfortunately, the French Revolution destroyed her family’s fortunes in the Caribbean and Victoire was forced into exile. She returned after the fall of Napoleon and ended her days as a lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette’s daughter…two aging grand dames of the old regime, left with nothing but their memories." I have included a portrait that I found of her from 1785 done by Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun.

    I will likely sell it at some point but will enjoy it for now! 327552945_744216360237731_1776231206406064445_n (1).jpg 327383627_1123831894917989_8046812122123806853_n.jpg 327775156_579600957056327_778431352002981674_n.jpg 328057690_1915653378773739_8449924882779695749_n.jpg
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    Forgot to include the portrait I mentioned! Vicomtesse de Vaudreuil.PNG
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