Kittinger Banquet / Dining Room Table - (RARE) Late 60's Mahogany with a Yew-Band - Glass Topped

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    This is an authentic, vintage, hand-made Kittinger Banquet / Dining Room Table, used as a Conference Room table for a 100 year old company. This table was originally purchased in the late 1960's or early 1070's when the business was booming, with patented technology and a growing market. The table was moved to LaGrange, Ga from Indiana 30 years ago when the North American headquarters moved. The table, with glass top and all three pedestals, measures 12' x 4'. It is in excellent condition, and was used to conduct MUCH BUSINESS over the past 50+ years! Also, worth noting this table was cared for, kept in an executive conference room reserved for management, and cleaning crews and the maintenance crews kept the table cleaned and well maintained. One of the leading Kittinger experts was interested in speaking with me about this table. He is the one who estimated the date of the table. I spoke to some of my returned co-workers that moved with the table from Indiana, and they remember the table setup in the grand conference room (It had many more leaves / pedestals) as far back as 1982 when they started, and recalled how amazingly posh the executive offices were back in the hay-day. We know that this table is quite unique, and won't fit for everyone, but we hope to locate a new home, as we know this table will make a perfect fit for the right business or home! Or, someone who is looking to make an investment, this is an amazing opportunity! Please contact me with any questions, of if you'd like to make an OFFER. The piece can be picked up in LaGrange, Ga. NOTE: Chairs are not included

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