Kris Style Dagger Marked Made in USA

Discussion in 'Militaria' started by mr2real, Mar 26, 2016.

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    The curved blade dagger is the piece I'm trying to ID. It's blade is 15" long, blade is 10.5". It was found in the same case as the WW2 Collins USMC Bowie knife. Both were priced really cheap, but even the Bowie knifes handle is in really bad shape. The blade is marked Made in USA and BO?? MFG CO. Any thoughts are appreciated.

    image.jpg image.jpg
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  2. komokwa

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    The Bowie is nice.
    I'm sure you could fashion a nice handle.
    The other is unknown to me....& looks like a fantasy item.
  3. GaleriaGila

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    My ego knows no bounds, it seems, to offer thoughts on edged weapons, but...
    I fiddled around on Google, and it seems you'll find a nice variety of daggers to compare and contrast using the descriptor "serpentine" blade. Good luck!

    EDIT... on second thought, you already know about Indonesia, Bali, Phillipines... or you wouldn't be calling it Kris-style. Nevermind! But still, good luck!
  4. springfld.arsenal

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    Think one on left is partly or all home-made. Most anything with that general blade shape has the point pointing in line with handle. Blade just looks improvised and maker was bending what had been a straight blade; he didn't get it very regular looking. Blade may have been something legit before he started.
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