Lady with a fish for hands on plate

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    Anyone know about BZ? (Busy?) It's 10 inches.
    Tramp Art?

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    BZ is a country abbreviation for Belize, but not sure this is from there. It also could be initials of the painter.
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    I have seen a similar style in my mother's European pottery collection but can't remember where they were from. Maybe @Ownedbybear recognizes it.
    Are you saying it is wood? I thought it was ceramic.:confused:
    Anyway, even if it is wood, it isn't anything like Tramp Art.
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  5. AntiqueBytes

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    Thanks for your help.


    "Here we have a single mug or cup made by Mexican master potter Bernardo Zaldizar in the 1960s to 1970s. Zaldizar hails from the village of Tzintzuntzan, located in the state of Michoacan, about 230 miles west of Mexico City in a mountainous region near Lake Patzcuaro. Once a large and bustling city, Tzintzuntzan evolved into today's small community with pottery making for the tourist trade as the primary industry. A noted archeological site, the region is the location of the ancient ruins (yakatas) of five large temples. This mug is hand crafted of red clay and hand decorated in Zaldizar style of brown-black background with a striped fish and other bold stripes along the handle. Marked "BZ" on the bottom."
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