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  1. Erik Larson

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    Hey! New here and have a question about this bowl. It is very large: 20” diameter and 6” deep. It has the makers mark LAPP as seen in photos. The only ceramic maker LAPP I can find is in New York and makes electrical insulators. The font of the makers mark is identical. I reached out the company but they never responded. Has anyone else seen this? See photos.
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    Is that just dirt on the outside or is the outside rough un glazed. if it is unglazed I would suspect it is some part or cover of an industrial electrical item.
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  3. Erik Larson

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    It is unglazed. I suspected the same thing but could not find anything similar!
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  5. Erik Larson

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    Yes! Thank you! I got in touch with a Lapp historian. In the 40’s they made dishes like this. This was most likely a basin that was sunk into a counter.
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    at that makes sense !
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