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    This lady (vendor) purchased this piece in New Orleans about 10 years ago. It appears to have some age, but it might just be because it was outside in the sun for along time. The clay colors remind me of local clay from Arkansas and Alabama. Any thoughts as to age or maker? Thanks, Joe

    IMG_4573.JPG IMG_4575.JPG
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    This clay color also appears in all of southern Louisiana. There appears to be a mark (a number in a circle) at the pointed center tip (tail) of the bottom - am I seeing something there?

    As for the color, it appears to be very close to CamArk green, McCoy also used this style of dark green glaze. It more resembles a McCoy type bottom than a CamArk but CamArk may have used circles with numbers. I have not researched this and I don't have any of my books with me. These are just guesses on my part and of course, everyone's monitor displays a bit different color variation. Yes the sun and minerals in the rain play havoc with a ceramic glaze over time but I don't think that happened here. This may not be as old as it looks. There was a "resurgence" of dark green "planters" in the late twentieth century and the bottom clay bisque part looks way too clean to have ever been used outdoors as a planter.

    The eye looks to have been repainted - no biggie. It's a nice piece, whatever / whenever it was made.

    What is that little green round thingy in the background?
  3. mr2real

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  4. mr2real

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    The more I look, I think late 20th century Chinese import.
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    Although I didn't study it, the teapot in the link doesn't look any older and what I can see of its clay bottom looks similar to your rabbit. Not sure because I cannot see much of the bottom but the sloppy, incomplete glazing job isn't well done. What's your teapot look like on the bottom? Same? Older?

    I bought a couple of very cool Chinese imports, decent sized pieces, sold inexpensively at flea markets in the late 1990s-early 2000s. One was made as "faux majolica" and the other a medium green in color. I knew they weren't old when I bought them, just liked them. I like your rabbit too.

    ..Oh and I bought them both in New Orleans. Probably some containers of pottery arrived in port and were sold there.
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